Q1.How is rainwater collected by the Rainwater Lamp?

A1. A method for collecting rainwater is already incorporated into the Rainwater Lamp. 

Q2.Can you use the Rainwater Lamp without rain?

A2. Yes, you may still use the Rainwater Lamp even when there isn't any rain or during dry weather. 

Q3.How long can rainwater be stored in the Rainwater Lamp for illumination purposes?
A3.The rainwater can be stored for 7 days for illumination purposes.
Q4.Is the Rainwater Lamp appropriate for use outside?

A4.Yes, the Rainwater Lamp may be used both indoors and outside. 

Q5.How can I take care of the rainwater lamp?
A5.Check the water level in the lamp's reservoir frequently, and add fresh water as necessary to maintain optimal operation.